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Corporate Responsibility

In today’s social climate, it has become increasingly more important for companies to develop and implement corporate responsibility platforms in support of their brand mission and vision. These corporate responsibility platforms range from goodwill to humanitarian work, and include community development, sustainability, and supply chain management. In many instances, this programming includes a charitable element as well – helping support the implementation of CR strategies and programming. The most effective CR strategies are embraced as organizational policy and aligned with the mission and objectives of a company’s business model. In short, it is critical for companies to ‘do well by doing good’.

Corporate Responsibility is at the heart of what Gist does on a daily basis – whether for our clients or our own brand. We have an accomplished history of developing CR policies and programs, from both corporate and government perspectives. Our history working with organizations on implementing programs that help better people and communities is second-to-none.

Gist specializes in Corporate Responsibility programming in the following three areas:

  • Social Impact Strategy Development
  • Environmental Sustainability & Conservation Planning
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Non-Profit Organization & Foundation Development